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Às 13:25 em 7 maio 2009, Diego Cristian da Silva disse...
Hi Marc Orejuela
Nice to meet you
I study English little time
I want to practice this language with you
do you like to live in USA??
how are you??
Às 22:38 em 5 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hellow my friend,
How are you?
add me.
Às 17:17 em 6 junho 2009, Diego Cristian da Silva disse...
Hello friend
Do you have skype or msn?
my skype is Diego Cristian da Silva
my msn is
add ok
have a nice weekend
What do you have to do in United States on weekends?
becouse in Brazil don't have anything rsrsrs
Às 19:27 em 6 junho 2009, Carlos Alexandre disse...
I just added you. My skype is: xandfsa. See you.
Às 20:06 em 6 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Well... I´m 27 years old, I´m single and I live with my mother and my brothers and sister. I´m a eletronics tecnichian and I have a normal life.
I´m a english student and, I´m at the begining, So, sorry for my mistakes.
If you don´t understand anything, I try to explain other otherwise.
And you, How was your trip to brasil?
Do you like here?
Brasil is very good, it has your probelms, but it´s very good,
and there? What is city like?
How much do you like it?
Well, I have to go now.
bye, have a nice week.
Às 20:44 em 6 junho 2009, ze carlos disse...
my name is carlos
i woold like you help me , becouse I'm in london and I need talk inglish.
I houpe so andertend me,and help me.
see you later
Às 21:57 em 7 junho 2009, Allan Vinicius Zerunian Pretti disse...
Thanks for your compliment
I´m me struggling the maximum for learning best my English..
But, tell me if need of help in Português I m here..
Nice to meet you..God bless always you..
good night and good week
hugs buddy! ^^
Às 17:19 em 8 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Yes, I did.
I´m happy that you answer my mensages and I´m happy that you understanded my mensages.
Tank you very much.
So, Where in Brasil did you visit?
I think that you speak portuguese too. rsrsrsrsrs
Very good, if you can help you in anything with portugese, just talk.
Help me?
Well, if you correct me, I will be happy.
I´m learning a lot when I´m trying to understand your mensages
I can understand everything.
Anything I can´t, but I´m trying.
I appreciate if you keep sending them.
Now a little bit portuguese. rsrsrsrsrs
Olá meu amigo, eu estou feliz em conhecer você.
Você é muito legal.
Se você não entender alguma coisa do que eu falo em portugues ou em inglês, me avise e eu tento te explicar de outra maneira. tudo bem?
Now, I have to go at college.
Tanks !
bye, bye
Until next time.
hugs buddy.
Às 22:32 em 9 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hellow my friend,
What happend that did not you send mensage?
I´m missing them
All right, You must be busy
No problem, I understand
If you know a site of relationship where you live there can give me, then can give talk to more locals, but do not foget me.
All right my friend, I have to go sleep.
It´s 11:30 pm here
I made test at the college today and I´m going to work tomorrow moning.
hugs for you and everybody there too.
Have a nice week
until next time.
Às 11:47 em 10 junho 2009, SANDRA REGINA PINHEIRO disse...
Hello Marc... How it's going?

Nice to meet you...

So... I live in Edmonton.
I'm learning English about 5 months and until now I had not learned much, yet.
But I would like learn practicing with other peoples, even by website.

best regards and have a nice week, see you later!
Às 12:11 em 10 junho 2009, SANDRA REGINA PINHEIRO disse...
woooowww... Was you in there...?!!?! rsrsrs

Today is a beautiful day... It's sunny and heat.
I'm here in Edmonton about 2 years but I don't speak English very well because I just talk in English with other people when I'm in the English class... :(
And I started my class have 5 months. :/
Às 0:19 em 11 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
No problem my friend,
I´m happy you answed my mensage again.
Were you here in Brasil?
I didn't know that you was in brasil two weeks ago.
You were about 130 Km of my house.
So, rain a lot when you was here.
That´s to bad.
But you knew the beach at least.
Actually you go back every year, I think that know
I'm happy, I'm learning a lot
I knew others foreign and I'm talking with them too
Is a little bit difficul but , I can
I'm going to slleep now, its is late
thanks very much my friend
Oh! Tomorrow is holiday here, I'm not going to work. That´s great
ha, ha, ha, ha.
I´ll be here, if you need.

my e-mail is:
good luck there
Às 17:02 em 11 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Thanks, I'll take it. I think there also has holiday. hahahahahaha
They will arrive. But you had no luck friend. rain, rain, rain
But also, was a little bi cold too, but during the day is too hot
Well, I guess better you coming here in other season. hahahahaha
That´s too bad. rain there, you hate rain
Well, Today I spend my day writing in computer, talking in english.
I love it.Now I'm speaking in online chat.
I'm so happy I managed to improve my english.
In the afternoon I went to play soccer math. I came back was five o'clock and I started to speak english again.
and you? What´s your work like?
Is it very difficult?
Do you have many problems to work?
Do the people there work a lot?
Ok my frend good luck for you there!
hugs, and take care.
Às 13:42 em 13 junho 2009, Diego Cristian da Silva disse...
Hi Mark
How are you my friend??
have a nice weekend ...
Às 17:18 em 17 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hello Marc, How is it going?
How are everybody there? your friends, your family,
In next tursday will there is game "Brazil X The United States of America"
Do you like of soccer?
we will twist by our country.
Have a nice week to you,
hugs my friend.
Until the next week.
Às 20:00 em 17 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Really, do you love soccer? hahahahaha mee too.
I play soccer every sunday in a school near of my house.
But, is sure that Brazil will go win. hahahahahaha
Later you talk me, hahahahaha
All right...
About my phrase, thanks for correct me, I stayed happy to you correct me.
The difficult who is learning english here in Brazil is "to think in Portuguese"
haha, But I'm going to win this.
I'm participating of a training program outside Brasil, because of my college.
Malbe I'm going to Europe, but I don't yet, I have to be luck.
I hope to win the wave.
About my weekend, it was very good, thanks
I'm stayed home studying, and in saturday night I went to "Quermesse", Malbe you don't know this, but is a party usually organized by a church, is tipical in Brazil.
And you? How was your weekend?
Hey, one question, What is "my best to you?
I don't know this expression. lol ( eu aprendi que isso são sorrisos "lol") is it true?
Bye my friend
I don't speak more because I'm limited by english. hahahahah
Thanks for your help my friend
Until the next time
hugs to you.
Às 18:32 em 18 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hello Marc, How is it going?
I think that don't very well, Do you know why? hahahahahahaha
"Stars and Stripes" didn't defeat the "Verde Amarela" lol...
When you will go to Brazil, we can play a soccer game. So, I want to see if you is good in soccer. hahahahahahaha
Ok! I'm kidding, sorry lol
Marc: I'm very happy, You're correcting my mensages, I also stayed very happy with your compliment. I'm improving and you are helping me a lot
Thanks my friend, if you need anything about portuguese, ask me, please, ok!
Have a nice friday and weekend!
And: My best to you too! lol
Thanks for all Marc
Until the next time.
Às 19:08 em 19 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Really? It was just luck! Wow lol
All right! If it lost I would still be your friend the same way.
One day, We're going to play soccer yet. hahahahahaha.
Then you show me the strong of americans in the soccer. rsrsrsrsrsrs
And your life in Chicago, How is it?
Are there many things in Chicago to do?
Do you know? Shows, party, events, this things.
should be very good there.
The people go many by car there( As pessoas andam muito de carro ai? nao consegui fazer esta frase. pode me dizer como?)
Or Do they walk?
Are there many motorcycle?
Sorry for questions, because you know Brasil, I don't kinow Chicago,hahahaha
Thanks very much my friend.
My best to you.
Until the next!
Às 18:05 em 24 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hey Marc, how is it going? and how was your week?
Wow! you most be happy, The United States won of Spain, I'm happy to you, is a big victory to you in the Soccer. Congratulations.
Maybe our country will play again.
Ok, enough soccer, lol
Can I to ask one thing to you?
What do you do there? What is your profession there?
Does it have many jobs there?
What are the people like? Are they like you? or very different?
You're very cool, I like you.
Are there many Brasilian there?
Sorry, I asked many things. lol
Ok friend, thank you for all
Bye bye, Until the next
My best to you!
Às 12:12 em 25 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
How is it goin today my friend?
Wow!, today is your birthday, that's cool.
Happy birthday to you my friend, congratulations to you, peace, health.
You deserve.
Hugs Marc.
My best to you!

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