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Às 22:37 em 19 março 2008, Vander Sales disse...
if you like chatt sometime. my msn is
Às 13:47 em 25 março 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hi Liliane, I'm very happy, good very good, meu final de semana foi muito legal tambem, pena que comi pouco chocolate. (risos) Mas foi tudo de bom. suas fotos estão bem legais. Parabens. kisses, All the best for you!
Às 23:04 em 1 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
Where you were born here in Brazil, feel nostalgia?
His family must feel much their fault, is it not?
Às 23:38 em 1 abril 2008, Wellington disse...
great and you? thank you for help... i´m not talking any English course, i study english in internet.
i am beginner, so you must tell me what to do about learn english. thank you...
Às 6:21 em 2 abril 2008, Joaquin Muro disse...
Oi Liliane! Sim, tudo e bom, agradeceou a o Deus E voce? Como vai sua semana? Sim a fotografia que eu estou em e no pedra bonita. Cuanto tempo que voce nao retorna a no Rio? Suas fotos sao legals. :) Onde mora voce e no EEUU. Que voce tenha um lindo dia!
Às 10:47 em 2 abril 2008, Nathalia disse...
Well Iam only working :(
Cool ! , so you suffer any preconception , because you're brazilian ? I asking this for you, because many people said the american people don´t like brazilian ! it's only curiosity.
Às 11:55 em 2 abril 2008, Mauro Reis disse...
e qual seu e-mail me manda aeee pode ser...? e vc tem skype..?
Às 19:31 em 3 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello, hello,

I'm doing quite fine. How old are you little ones? I have a little boy who is 4 1/2 years old. Indeed, children are an amazing grace but like you,,I now done :-).
I'm now back in NYC. I live between Sweden and NYC. I'm returning to Europe this summer. Where are you located?

Thanks for your prompt reply. Do enjoy your day.

Às 22:13 em 3 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Indeed I'm familiar with Virgina beach / Hamilton area. Last summer we drove through that area as we were on our way to Northern Myrtle beach (where we had rented a villa). That area also have nice beaches and golf courses. How long did you live in the VB area?
I also like going to the beach although our summers are rather short in Sweden. The water is also not that warm (there).

You mentioned a NYC Brazilian party! was it at SOBs (Sounds Of Brazil restaurant and nightclub)? that's a great place; they use to have really good bands there as well.
On age,,well, its really just a number isn't it? :-). Perhaps I 'll change my mind on that statement in another 40 years time :-).

take care my friend and have a joyful day.

Às 17:17 em 4 abril 2008, marcio disse...
You, by assign me as a friend, I hope that we can learn English increasingly, that I learn more and more with you, for I am a newcomer
Às 7:22 em 7 abril 2008, cristiano disse...
You work and is very happy with it?
The important thing is to be happy because it has not come to the world to suffer, then run right at the front for happiness.
Às 8:58 em 7 abril 2008, Nathalia disse...
hehehe cool that´s great know this ! well what city you live ?
Às 13:05 em 7 abril 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello Liliane, How are you? Quando o meu inglês estiver bem legal então, eu vou pensar seriamente em ir, tenho a maior vontade de conhecer, quero muuuito ir. Me fale um pouco daí, é legal? como é? bjos. all the best.
Às 17:19 em 7 abril 2008, Dick disse...
Hi...How are you!!!I miss you..Send me news please...
Have a good week...
May god bless you..
Às 23:05 em 7 abril 2008, Jair Zepeda disse...
Howdy Liliane?
I've added you as a friend! Nice to meet you!
Do you have Msn or Skype ? If so, send me and we can chat a little.

Kisses in you cheek

Às 7:41 em 9 abril 2008, Alexandre Calaça da Silva disse...
Hey liliane, are you ok?

So, I'd like to practice more and we can
chat sometimes, What do you think? lol...

So... Glad to meet you!

see you!
Às 22:34 em 9 abril 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello my friend,

I just wanted to drop by to say hello. I"ve not heard from you for a few days. I'm trying to get over a mild cold. I'm almost back to full health. I think I had over worked by self and really needed the rest. Do take care. I hope you're doing O.K.

Às 16:33 em 10 abril 2008, AAC disse...
Hi Liliane. It is my pleasure to have you as my penpal here... Hope to hear from you soon. Take care

Às 18:56 em 10 abril 2008, Mauro Reis disse...
vc tem skype querida liliane
Às 18:57 em 10 abril 2008, Mauro Reis disse...
e qual seu E-mail...?

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