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Às 8:43 em 18 junho 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Oi Mônica.

Obrigado pelo comentário. Gosto de brincar com línguas. Por favor sempre corrija meu português quando eu escrever. Escrevo e leio muito, mas ainda só posso entender fala devagar.

Espero visitar ao menos Iguaçú, Curitiba, Rio, Minas, Salvador, Recife, Teresina, São Luis, Belém . Tenho amigos nas várias partes de SP, por exemplo, Franca, então provavelmente vou viajar aí.

Onde você já viajou no Brasil ou outros países?


Poucos nas palavras, mas tente escrever frases completas com pontuação correta quando você comunicar comigo. Posso te ajudar mais, então.

* many words
* your Portuguese
* what places do you intend to visit in Brazil
Às 10:02 em 18 junho 2008, AAC disse...
Hi Monica. Be welcome. It is always a pleasure to make new friends. If I can be of any help please let me know.

See you soon
Às 10:05 em 18 junho 2008, Thalita disse...
add me
Às 11:01 em 18 junho 2008, Thalita disse...
no worries...
Yeah I like watch movies...(romance,adventure,action...)
Às 11:02 em 18 junho 2008, AAC disse...
Dear Monica,

There is a group named Idiomatic Expressions where I use to post some information. Please take a look there and you will find answers for these and other questions.

About living abroad, the first experience was an adventure where the destiny was England and where I stayed for 3 years studying very hard and where I got my Cambridge First and Proficiency Certificates, the other trip to The Netherlands happened because I was married to a Dutch guy and lived, worked and studied there for more 3 years.

If you have intention to go abroad and to study , the best English schools are the ones to inform you about courses abroad.

See Ya
Às 11:15 em 18 junho 2008, AAC disse...
skate = skate
patins = roller skate
to walk on is the best vert to say "andar de patins"

to ride a horse = andar a cavalo
to give a ride = dar carona
to get a ride = pegar carona
Às 18:57 em 18 junho 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hello, Mônica! I am a teacher of Portuguse Language, Mathematics for adults and work The English Language with children of five at twelve years old here in Salvador - Bahia!
I love the English and to make new and interesting friendship! I would of to be its friend! Can I? You have the joy of the angels in its look!
Às 8:08 em 19 junho 2008, Alex disse...
Vc é lind...
Às 15:12 em 19 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Thanks my friend. Felines are my favorite pets. A great weekend for you
Às 12:15 em 20 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Às 20:07 em 20 junho 2008, Josiane... disse...
hello Mônica!!!
how r u...?
nice to meet u... and let's improve our english... rsrsr
till soon...bye
Às 10:13 em 22 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Hello Monica, good morning!
There are many sites where you can find those gifs. The ones I use are or Wish you luck and that you enjoy with those figures.There are indeed very special ones. See you!

Às 20:39 em 26 junho 2008, Josiane... disse...
what's up Mônica...!
well.. I've been studying english since i was 12...
I took private classes with an indian teacher around 2 years, but i had a break.. then i restart at University's English Course, stopped again n restart... :(
I would like to do a master the not too distant future (it could be in US, England or Australia, doesnt matter the country... just wanna go to ones which has English as the official language). But I'm just looking for the opportunties and trying to save money for this... :D
Às 13:03 em 27 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Hi, my dear, good Friday to you too.

It´s a very British way of saying but the only one I can remember:
to be fancy - ser caprichoso
to have fancies with sth or so- ter caprichos com algo ou alguém

Hope to have helped you and have a great Weekend

Às 19:20 em 29 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Às 3:16 em 4 julho 2008, Penny disse...
hello Ana thx for u message, i hope i am able to help u in ur english, i am away from home for a bit, when i return home,i could help, take care.
Às 18:56 em 5 agosto 2008, AAC disse...

Às 17:21 em 6 agosto 2008, AAC disse...
Well friend. Those things happens. I do too rarely get responses. Everything is all right. Good to hear from you

Às 17:14 em 7 agosto 2008, AAC disse...
Sure. BBC has a great one for all levels.

See you
Às 22:44 em 8 novembro 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hey Mônica, How are you?


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