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Às 13:18 em 5 dezembro 2008, WALQUÍRIA MÁRCIA disse...
Hello João, for nothing, it was a pleasure!!!!! bjs
Às 5:47 em 6 dezembro 2008, Taylor Richards disse...
Hi Joao, (how do I do the accent over the a?) thanks for checking in. I would be happy to converse with you as much as possible. Your English is pretty good. I'm not sure how to correct you, but will do my best when possible. Please keep in touch!
Às 12:17 em 6 dezembro 2008, PATTY SILVA disse...
hi joão,im happy now!!
have you great´weekend!!!
see you later!!!!
Às 12:58 em 6 dezembro 2008, Kirsten disse...
Hi João! I would be happy to help you with English, maybe you can help me with my Portuguese too because I'm headed to Brazil soon :) I will add you to my msn and hopefully we can talk next week sometime!
Às 22:07 em 6 dezembro 2008, Valdeci disse...
Às 9:49 em 8 dezembro 2008, Erica disse...
Hey there! I'm great, What about you?
Às 17:33 em 11 dezembro 2008, Erica disse...
Hi. I do have MSN and Skype, but I use MSN so much more than Skype. I'm gonna add you right now! Have a great evening!
Às 7:33 em 12 dezembro 2008, Tatiana de Matos Zago disse...
Às 14:23 em 12 dezembro 2008, Guilherme Miranda disse...
self student ahm, that's difficult,.
yeah we can talk and practice our english.
so, good luck
Às 11:30 em 13 dezembro 2008, Rick Siegel disse...
Hello Joao, how are you my friend? Of course i can help you with your English! Send me a message with some details about yourself. I would like to see how far advanced you are. Have a Merry Christmas!

Oi João, como vai meu amigo? Claro eu posso te ajudar com o seu ingles! Me manda uma mensagem e incluí umas detalhes sobre você. Eu gostaria de saber quanta inglês você já sabe. Ta? Tenha um ótimo Natal. tchao
Às 6:27 em 25 dezembro 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Joao,

Thanks for your friendship request. Sorry for my late reply; I've been really busy during this holiday season. I would be honored to help you with English. Let's keep in touch. Do you have my skype id?
Happy holidays to you...

Às 6:17 em 3 janeiro 2009, PEDRO PAULO B. NUNES disse...
of course my friend!!welcome!!
Às 10:53 em 3 janeiro 2009, Alexandre Braga Machado disse...
hi! I'm fine and what about you?
Of course I'd like to be your friend here..
When did you start to learn english?

Às 17:54 em 3 janeiro 2009, PEDRO PAULO B. NUNES disse...
okay duddy!!no trouble for me!!but what do u know about me or my state or others thing,no shame my new friend!!


Às 23:45 em 15 janeiro 2009, Bruno Oliveira disse...
Hi João, What's up!

I am really sorry that it takes me so long to replay you're previous message, what can I do to make this up to you?
If you want to practice English and share common interests you can add me on your msn or link me up on Skipe.
Let's keep in touch, I am quite sure that we can help each other, I am look forward to get acquainted with you.

Have a great Friday and by for now.

Skipe: bruno.cascimiro
Às 8:41 em 21 março 2009, Pam Carvalho disse...
Hi boy :)

I am interested in your profile, mainly in the text that is backwards... but I understood something :)
Then, I add you.. if u r interested to start a english talk friend haha add me.
Às 20:23 em 31 julho 2009, WALQUÍRIA MÁRCIA disse...
hey boy, how wonderful ... ja ta you full of friends! great to Samana! kisses
Às 20:43 em 23 setembro 2009, Jefferson Carlos Soares disse...
I invite you to participate in this community IBFC - BRAZIL INDIA FRIENDSHIP CLUB - An opportunity to get to know new people of Brazil and India. An opportunity for you to train your English ok!

Visit IBFC - India Brazil Friendship Club

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