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Às 10:26 em 11 abril 2008, Terence Marques disse...
hello, do you wanna be my friend?
Às 17:33 em 22 abril 2008, Helder silva disse...
how are you?
Às 13:52 em 25 abril 2008, liohanny costa disse...
i wait to do new friends and speak english a lot of
so long
Às 17:23 em 25 abril 2008, Terence Marques disse...
hello, thanks for added me... my msn is kisses
Às 10:13 em 26 abril 2008, Caadob disse...
Hiya; liohanny
Well I don't speak further
but I thing this site go teach to me
nice to meet (Y)
Às 10:30 em 26 abril 2008, Bruno Leal disse...
Hi ...I love is your friend...already be add. Thanks for called.
Kisses to you.
Às 8:59 em 27 abril 2008, Marcel disse...
Yes lady... rs
I'd like to be your friend.
Let's improve our English !

Keep in touch !

Às 10:04 em 27 abril 2008, Andrey Furlan disse...
of course....=)
I love is your friend

Às 13:25 em 27 abril 2008, B. disse...
hey girl... sure! :D How are ya?
Às 7:50 em 28 abril 2008, Herick disse...
Of course. will be nice to meet you.

a hug
Às 13:37 em 28 abril 2008, Heron disse...
oi tudo bem e vc?
te add !!
lindas fotos!!!
bjao pra vc.
vamos manter contato.
Às 18:13 em 28 abril 2008, Daniella disse...
Hi, dear...
Of Course! Nice to meet you...=)
Às 18:14 em 28 abril 2008, Tiago Braga Machado disse...
Hello Liohanny,

Do you would like to share some ideas in english with me?

Bye bye...
Às 23:22 em 2 maio 2008, Ricardo Cardoso disse...
Hi Dear,
Thank you, I'm very happy
for having accepted me!

It is very special has a friendship
with a sweet girl like you!

Maroon 5
(Beauty queen of only eighteen)
She had some troubles with herself
he was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay a while
And she will be loved... (:D

Kisses, see you
keep contact;)

Às 6:57 em 6 maio 2008, Herick disse...
thanks and a good day for you

Às 14:47 em 6 maio 2008, Andrey Furlan disse...
hi dear...
how are you doing???
kisses... :- *
so long
Às 10:07 em 7 maio 2008, joe disse...
I'd like to be your friend
I gonna add you could
take care.
Às 18:23 em 7 maio 2008, Camila disse...
yes, we will be friends
how are you??
Às 12:44 em 8 maio 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hi, Janine! I am a teacher of Portuguese Language, Mathematics for adults and worked the English Language aldo with children in five school in Salvador - BA. I would of to be its friend! Can I to be! You have the joy of the angels in its look!
Às 17:19 em 8 maio 2008, Raquel Oliveira disse...
Heloo.. yes.. I would like to be your friend...

What is city do you live?


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