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Às 15:57 em 31 janeiro 2008, David A. Bailey, Jr disse... name is David. Sou de Orlando, Florida.
Sou professor de inglês aqui em Maranhão.
Estou buscando fazer novas amizades.
Me adicione!
Um Forte Abraço,
David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. Se quiser me conhecer mais visite:
Meu Site:
Meu Blog:
Meu Orkut:
Às 12:44 em 8 maio 2008, Davi Bernardo dos Santos disse...
Hello you My very well?

How are you?
Às 23:10 em 15 maio 2008, Marcel disse...
Hey you.... of course I Would.
I don't know how to add people here yet... rs

do you have skype? Remove Comment
Às 16:11 em 19 maio 2008, Marcel disse...
Whoa, thank's...
I live In Sao Paulo, do you have skype?

Às 16:17 em 21 maio 2008, Davi Bernardo dos Santos disse...
hello! I'm very heppy too is by talking to you!
Look! You not been more in the course.
Às 15:24 em 23 maio 2008, Marcel disse...
You can't be just an Intermediate English speaker, you're an Advanced !!!
You speak very well !!!
So, you're a Bussiness man, aren't you ?
Are you learning English to use in your job ?
Well, about me ...
I'm 22 years old, graduating on Chemistry.
I work in a Company that sells things for children... :)

hope see you soon.
Às 0:34 em 26 maio 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Wilton,

Great photo on your blog page. Where was the photo taken? Thanks for extending you hand in friendship which I've accepted. I'll be happy to help you with English.

Thanks again for your invite; have a great day.

Às 12:57 em 26 maio 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Wilton,

Thanks for your reply. I really enjoyed viewing your pictures. I see you're also into photography.
I've always heard Rio de Janeiro is extremely beautiful; your photos support the above statement. I've only visited the north-eastern areas of Brazil, an area I really enjoyed.
Due to my schedule, I'm not likely to return for at lease 2 to 3 years; however, it's in my heart to at lease return. Walton, I was reading one of you post, I believe we're in the same line of work (I worked in the Investment Banking field). I use to work in Corporate Actions and Reorganization. What is your area of specialization?

Great to hear from you.
Do take care my friend; enjoy all the splendors of Rio de Janeiro ! :-).

Às 9:24 em 31 maio 2008, Davi Bernardo dos Santos disse...
hello all right with you!
Because you in the course was more!
're working hard?
It is this?
Às 23:04 em 1 junho 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Wilton,

A very nice mail! You're truly blessed. You seem to have a wonderful family.
Indeed I really enjoyed your photos of the city,,wow... what a beautiful place!
Regarding your work, I see you ware many hats (it's a saying here in the US which describes someone who does quite a lot).
I'll correct your English in the message center as per your request.
Do take great care; have a fruitful week my friend.

Às 20:20 em 2 junho 2008, Wilton disse...
Hey Coretta.. I thank you for your reply.. It's has been helping me a lot.. I considere myself a blessed man, I got married 20 years ago wtih my first girlfriend and I'm still in love. One of the special thing in my life is my wife, kids, dog and cat... and crabs.. yes I have three crabs that I got in the river you see in the photo.. We had a great time at church on sunday. A band from USA (Dallas) came to our church to performe gospel musics..It was amazing..
Well.. I just arrived in sao paulo to work.. it's 09:20pm and I have some task to finish for meeting tomorrow.. Bye bye.. God bless you..
Às 15:14 em 8 junho 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Walton,

How are you? I'm writing you a very warm NY day; it's going to be about 40C today :-). Sorry for the late reply; I didn't see your reply as you had posted it on your blog page. Which church do you attend? Do you also perform with the church band? Do take care .....

Have a great weekly...
Às 18:28 em 21 junho 2008, gariston ferreira dos santos disse...
Hello, Wilton! Would you like to practice English by msn with me?
Às 19:27 em 24 fevereiro 2009, Davi Bernardo dos Santos disse...
Hello How are you? You is in rio de janeiro?
Às 18:59 em 26 julho 2009, dirceu lopes disse...
welow, how are you???

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