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Dante Dantas... I´m a good person.

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Where I'm from:
I was born in Brasil, but i live in Austria now.
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (14 comentários)

Às 9:45 em 7 maio 2008, Ive Dantas disse...
Hi my sweet brother...

I'm here now...
Only speak to me in English.
My vocabulary is poor, by the way, I'm trying...
I beleve than you too. kkkk


And see you late...
Às 17:50 em 11 maio 2008, Ive Dantas disse...
Hi my brother....

Can you indicate me for you friends???
I need friends for to talk english.
Às 12:36 em 13 maio 2008, Ive Dantas disse...

I'm here again...

How are you?

What are you doing?

I'm working a lot.
I haven't talked with our mother about Sissi, because Sunday when i was talking it, aunt Edinha is comming in the badroom. I don't like talk about it in front of her.
By the way, I'll talk with our mother soon about it.

kisses and kisses...
Às 17:52 em 14 maio 2008, Wilton disse...
Hi there.. I'm looking for new friends to practice English.. May I count on you? Well, let me introduce myself.. I'm Wilton from Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and I work in São Paulo.. and I really need to improve my English.. If you don't mind.. let's practice together.. bye
Às 14:49 em 16 maio 2008, Vinicius1982 disse...
I am a friend of Gui Ueda and I'd like to be your friend too... my maternal grand-father is italian and I used to live in Venice, Italy... I'd like to visit Portugal one day...
Às 21:00 em 16 maio 2008, Edelson borges da silva disse...
hi guy!!!
Às 21:01 em 16 maio 2008, Edelson borges da silva disse...
hi guy!!! it'll be a pleasure talk to u
Às 22:32 em 16 maio 2008, kakal disse...
Hi!! I`m lived in Sao Jose dos Campos SP, and it's nice talk to you. I'm studying Comex and i loved make a new friends. welcome and enjoy this website. i hope you have a nice weeked. hugs by Marcia
Às 21:55 em 21 maio 2008, kakal disse...
Hello Dante! Pleased to meet you and make a new friends. Tell me anything about you? what can you music do you like, favorite sport; let's think about it for a while anyway. Yeh!!! I hope you enjoy the holliday. . bye
Às 17:29 em 24 maio 2008, Edelson borges da silva disse...
hello !!!!
i perceved that this site is very good , because here is possible u change ideias
aout lot of subjects this way we can help each other in everything.

a hug

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