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Where I'm from:
I´m from SP - Brasil
I'm interested learning english...
Nível de inglês:

Caixa de Recados (4 comentários)

Às 18:09 em 23 junho 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hey guy, How is it going?
Wow! you added a picture in your page.
Did you enter in page of IAEST?
Yesterday was very cold. What time did you go in your house?
You can send mensages to me.
If I wrong, you correct me, all right. kkk
Tonight I'm going to see the CD of english that you gave me
Maybe I don't see, because I have to whacth a movie tonight, it's called "Iron Man". Do you know it?
It's a great movie, I have taht talk about it to my english teacher of.
And you, Did you make exercises in the internet of your english school?
Ok! Take care guy
Until the next time.
My best to you!
Às 20:17 em 15 dezembro 2009, Robson Alves disse...
Hey man, I'm ok! And you?
Yeah, you all right, now we can talk more one each other and pratice our English, because we are vacation!
I hope that you send more messages to me, because you haven't sent messages to me.
When you go back of your trip, I want that you'll came here in my home, so we going to study English a little bit more.
Ok guy:!
See you next time!
Take care!
Às 19:51 em 17 janeiro 2010, Robson Alves disse...
Hey guy, how is it going?
You missed, what happend with you?
I hope news about you.
Next Saturday my English classes will return. And yours?
If you have time you come here in my house.
Take care man!
Às 11:49 em 9 agosto 2010, Robson Alves disse...
Hey guy! They are doing well. (my English classes)
And yours?
You all right, we need to talk more in English or just try.
Ah! I did a correction in your message, but I couldn't send by Verdeamarelo. So, I've sent it in your e-mail. Ok?
I need to go work now.
Have a nice week.

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