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Marcelo Lobo
  • 36, Masculino
  • Belém
  • Brasil
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English for Life, Always!

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Where I'm from:
I'm from Brazil.
Friends, colleges for work purpose, training my english skills and practicing with foreigners.

Skype Me: Marcelo Silva Lobo Soares (
Nível de inglês:

Tip 1: This is a great material from a fantastic teacher.

Designing Lessons and Units
In developing a class, interlock lessons and units to build and develop skills and to maintain skills and knowledge. Don't teach something that you drop and never teach any part of again.... or never use the knowledge of any part again. If you do totally drop material, you are teaching the student to forget and/or are confirming the concept that it is ok to forget -and/or- that what you are teaching is not important enough to remember.
When you design a lesson, it usually takes two or three times presenting it to a class to work out all the problems. [In my first Methods class we were asked to design a poetry lesson for 11th graders without any prior class instruction in how to accomplish this. Then all the faults of our presentations were pointed out. It was a potentially discouraging experience... leaving the class with the impression that new lessons had to be perfect, without flaws. In the real world, a perfect first lesson rarely happens.] Don't give up the idea of creating some lessons of your own and instead rely solely on 'canned' lessons because of one or two imperfect first results.
It can take two or three years to develop a class.
The first time you give a test, if you designed the test, it is the test that is being tested. If it is a test someone else designed, then the first time that you give it, your teaching is being tested. The Teaching Literature page has examples of some test designs as does Teaching Media.
Leif Danielson

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Blog de Marcelo Lobo

“Attraction Isn’t A Choice”

Postado em 2 abril 2008 às 22:13 0 Comentários

“Attraction Isn’t A Choice”

The Psychology Of Men, Women, And Attraction

By David DeAngelo.

I want to tell you the interesting story of how I came to realize that

"Attraction Isn't A Choice", and how to use this concept to dramatically

improve your success with women.

I can remember when I used to believe that being a "nice guy" was

the way to make a woman like you, and that if you were "nice" and

she didn't like you, that it was… Continuar

E-mail From Gambler

Postado em 2 abril 2008 às 2:33 0 Comentários

Today I received an e-mail from "Gambler" one of the best PUA's(Pickup artists) of the world. In it, he shares some of the great tips on Body Language related to "The Attraction Game".

I would like to thank "Gambler" for sending me these great and valuable tips.

I hope you enjoy it!

From: "Gambler"

Hi MWolf,

How's it going?

Did you know that the words we use in conversation only make up about thirty per cent of the… Continuar

Welcome to Attraction!

Postado em 2 abril 2008 às 2:32 1 Comentar

The reason I decided to create this blog is to collect every source of information about "The Attraction Game" and put it all into one place. Since there is lots of dating guru's with different methods out there sharing their stories and helping "The nice guys" to become "The irresistible ones" I want you to get it once and for all!!!

Enjoy the ride and become "The Irresistible One"

Caixa de Recados (49 comentários)

Às 8:46 em 2 abril 2008, Rafael Ferreira de Freitas disse...
hey man... that's ok.. i can be your friend,,.. and i hope to learn more english.....

thanks for add me...

take care...
Às 9:21 em 2 abril 2008, Luis disse...
Hi Marcelo. I´ll by happy to be your friend. Later i´ll show my skype nick to start practcing english. Have you ever had an abroad experience?
Às 9:49 em 2 abril 2008, Rafael Ferreira de Freitas disse...
lol... very cool...

well, i'm studying english a little time, but i like english and i study english in my free times, i watch some muvies in english, to listen some musics and translate them... i ask to the teacher many things through orkut too... lol and i like to talk in english... i wanna learn speak very fast.. lol

and more than this... besides, to study is never enough, right? lol

so tell me do you study english in how many times???

if i wrote something wrong or if i did any mistake, it's because my english is not so good still, ok???
Às 13:19 em 2 abril 2008, João Carlos disse...
Hi!! can we be friends???
Às 14:45 em 2 abril 2008, Maraísa Juliene disse...
hello boy thanks for add me ...

have a nice week ...
bye .. so long ...
Às 16:41 em 2 abril 2008, Leny disse...
Thanks for writing me. I am just starting to practice "my" English. I like your photos very much. Some of them are really interesting. I am not quite sure I have understood what is "The Attraction Game", but reading the Gambler I remembered an article that my husband has received by e-mail . It is about economy and relatinship. I like it very much.
Às 16:51 em 2 abril 2008, Bárbara disse...
I no phalhus nothing of english..rsrsrsrs
Às 19:56 em 2 abril 2008, Verinha disse...
I'm here add me
Às 20:38 em 2 abril 2008, Josana disse...
Às 21:08 em 2 abril 2008, Daniella disse...
Wow, I like this ...
We will pursue the English then ... hehe
How cn discovered this site?

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