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Maria HelenaL.Souza
  • Feminino
  • Carpina Pernambuco
  • Brasil
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Bem-vindo(a), Maria Helena L.Souza!

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Postado em 26 março 2009 às 8:00 2 Comentários

O valor das coisas não está no tempo em que elas duram, mas na intensidade com que acontecem.Por isso existem momentos inesquecíveis, coisas inexplicáveis e pessoas incomparáveis. (Fernando Pessoa)

The meaning of things is not on the time they last, but in the intensity which they happen. Because it there are unforgettable moments,inexplicable things and incomparable people. (Fernando Pessoa)

Caixa de Recados (26 comentários)

Às 9:14 em 16 março 2009, Matheus Couto disse...
Hey Maria Helena :]
You're Welcome!
Às 9:14 em 16 março 2009, Matheus Couto disse...
May I add you as my friend ? I'm new here ...
Às 19:36 em 16 março 2009, Matheus Couto disse...
Ok Maria, we are friends now ! :]
I hope we can share some knowledge about the english language.
Às 1:17 em 19 março 2009, Morfell disse...
Hi, my name is Wanderson and i served a gospel mission in your city "Carpina",for 2years,and i lked so much to lived there. so i´m new here and i´d like to make new friends ok,could add me??

See you around!!!!
Às 18:41 em 20 março 2009, Morfell disse...
hello Helena,thank very,very much ok!!!! i´m online msn almost all night ok!!? see ya!!
Às 19:13 em 20 março 2009, Lil' Dawg disse...
Dear Ms. Helena. I am glad to see you have added me in your list. We might be talking in MSN soon. Mine is

Thanks. See you!
Às 17:34 em 22 março 2009, Morfell disse...
Hi, How r u??? well, i´m member of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS...
did you heard about it?? i´ts a great place to learn to good things, there is in Carpina, ok?? you´ll like to visit, there some native missionaries speakers there,i´m have sure that you´ll like. See you around!!! more questions, find one in carpina ok??? bye!!!
Às 19:18 em 24 março 2009, Morfell disse...
Hi, Helena, sorry for that time ok?? my pc was default,but is new now, i like know that you know that church´s members,and became your friends now. see ya!!!
Às 23:21 em 24 março 2009, Morfell disse...

Hi, do you think about " unplugged Show", listen , no matter where the place is made,it´s important to draw the attention of customers.i reminder that i did played in some different way as usual.but played anyway for example, within authorized dealership toyota, even in the opening of a informatics´s store. Think about it, and when i back to brazil,i´ll make a small show in your Bakery ok ...and i´ll make 0800 ok?? see ya around Lady
Às 22:13 em 26 março 2009, Morfell disse...

Hi my friend, how r u???

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