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Thiago asks for some ideas about pronouncing words with lots of 'R' sounds.

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Comentário de thiago alves moreira em 30 agosto 2007 às 13:01
That's really cool, that will help me a lot, it's really hard to say it, I'll practice it. thank you a lot.
Comentário de Olavo Satoru Oshiro em 10 setembro 2007 às 15:11
I have seen some of the videos and could say it is very very useful for all of brasilian students!!! It is not easy found a native english speaker that speaks brasilian portuguese and knows brasilian slangs. Thanks a lot !
Comentário de Diego em 10 outubro 2007 às 20:40
I'm your fan!
How Olavo says... it's difficult to find Americans that want to exchange knowledge with us Brazilians...
and your site is unique...
thank you very much for helping us...
i'd like to find u someday online at skype..

bye friend...
Comentário de Severino da Rocha Cavalcante em 17 outubro 2007 às 15:37
I really liked all videos, I´m in a maraton of learn, because I in a same time I´m learnig english, germani and ruso. Estou até esquecendo um pouco o portugues. rsss.

Da sividãnia!

Comentário de Weverton em 19 outubro 2007 às 8:06
really really great lol
Thank you Christopher to support us, I loved your tips very important.

see ya


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