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Check out these 4 really useful phrasal verbs!

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Comentário de Linny Goulart em 12 novembro 2007 às 18:32
I really liked your video about "Phrasal Verbs". I am trying to memorize them. I won't give up. lol
Comentário de Anjalluz em 13 novembro 2007 às 21:31
Oh ...It was I gotta go... I have to clean up my bedroom

Comentário de Tomás em 15 novembro 2007 às 10:34
Thank you. I'm new here, and I really enjoyed this video, as well the others ones. Bye!
Comentário de Diego em 15 novembro 2007 às 15:48
very very useful!
Thaks Chris!
Comentário de Raysa em 16 novembro 2007 às 8:29
I liked too....but I have a question...what is the difference between say: Go clean your room....and....Go clean UP your room....both means the same right? or when I translate these sentences I should change something... :/ Who can help me? Not sure if it´s a stupid question but I think well if both have the same meaning why should I include UP? Thanks...
Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 16 novembro 2007 às 9:30
Raysa -

The two phrases do in fact both mean the same thing. There is no difference between 'clean your room' and 'clean up your room.'

I don't know why people say both, but they do.

Comentário de Franc Denys em 16 novembro 2007 às 10:07
Great tip! teacher, I really liked!!
Comentário de Rodrigo em 16 novembro 2007 às 11:37
Very good!

Comentário de Bruno Oliveira em 21 novembro 2007 às 0:24
Thanks Christopher!
Comentário de Uilher Gama em 21 novembro 2007 às 0:43
Great Chris!!! I rope undertend all your videos, I sure that I do. thanks!


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