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Learn about my favorite holiday here in the USA. It is a time for family to get together and eat a lot of turkey!!

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Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 25 novembro 2007 às 17:57
In the United States, we celebrated a really great holiday this past week, called Thanksgiving.

Every year, on the third thursday in November, families unite and cook a large dinner together, typically served in the afternoon.

The holiday celebrates the legendary dinner that the pilgrims supposedly shared with the native americans before their first winter in North America.

Whether or not this actually happened, it is a great excuse for us to get together with family and also have a couple days off of work.

The dinner menu for thanksgiving dinner typically centers around a big turkey, which is stuffed with bread and vegetable stuffing. Other common side dishes include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cornbread, vegetables of all kinds, and of course, cranberry sauce.

It is a truly wonderful holiday, and one that doesn't require spending a lot of money; the only thing you have to buy is a turkey!

The purpose of the holiday is to remember all of the things in life that we have to be grateful for, most particularly good friends and family.
Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 25 novembro 2007 às 18:00
Thanksgiving = Dia de Ação de Graças
turkey = perú
holiday = feriado
to spend = gastar
dinner = jantar
to stuff = rechear
potato = batata

coloca mais dúvidas de vocabulário aqui se tiver!
Comentário de Linny Goulart em 25 novembro 2007 às 18:56
Christopher, how was your Thanksgiving day?
It's a great holiday! It's very good to know about it.
Comentário de Donizete em 26 novembro 2007 às 6:52
Gostaria que disponibilizassem os vídeos para download, pois são muito bons e minha conexão é dial-up.
Forte abraço.
Comentário de ANA ACACIA em 26 novembro 2007 às 12:08
O que significa: cornbread?
Comentário de nanii em 26 novembro 2007 às 14:39
Cool! I'd like to have thanksgiving in Brazil. What is sweet potato and cranberry sauce ?
Comentário de Anjalluz em 26 novembro 2007 às 21:00
this text makes me feel hungry !!!
I'm joking...I think all the world could follow this example of share is so important to feel useful...
Comentário de Emily em 27 novembro 2007 às 10:15
Oi, querida... Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday, for whatever it is worth!
Comentário de Rodrigo Bahiense em 27 novembro 2007 às 10:22
Hi Chris! Thanks for the text!
I have few doubts :)

cranberry sauce

Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 27 novembro 2007 às 11:20
Ok everyone, I thought you might not know these words, as they are not really common foods at all in Brazil. You brasileiros have soooo many different fruits, but I don't think you have cranberries! Mmmmmm they are so good.

Cranberry Sauce:

Cranberries in general:



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