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this is my first videocast episode. in it i teach some good slang terms in american english

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Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 28 agosto 2007 às 17:11
i think i talked too fast
Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 28 agosto 2007 às 17:11
oh yeah *alguma coisa muito chatA...
Comentário de Ana Amelia em 28 agosto 2007 às 17:32
Tamujunto! Demorô! Formô! Abalô! Já é! É nóis!
Comentário de Andre Barbosa em 29 agosto 2007 às 12:34
Simplesmente D+ Chris. There's nothing like what you're doing here. I think I'm going to start video lessons just as yours.
Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 29 agosto 2007 às 12:54
entra na onda Andre! I can't wait to see your videos man, i'll show them on if you would like
Comentário de joao batista ferreira em 31 agosto 2007 às 16:36
muito bom! thanks Chris to help us, I hope learn more with you guys
Comentário de GiseleMarins em 5 setembro 2007 às 12:20
Muito bom, Chris.
Mas tenho dúvidas na escrita.
Naquele primeiro vídeo ( para iniciantes ) podíamos falar lendo a frase, como se deve escrever.
Comentário de Julio Manoel Timoteo Neto em 22 setembro 2007 às 15:30

Mas, alguem poderia colocar uma legenda ajudaria MUITO.
Comentário de Christopher O'Donnell em 23 setembro 2007 às 15:48
Ta falando o Christopher, doing my first installment of the video podcast for Ingles Verde e Amarelo.

our new site which will serve as a place to learn some English and practice some English, primarily for Brazilians. Also we will discuss the Portuguese language from time to time I'm sure. Today's the first podcast; I wanted to teach a few really useful common pieces of American slang that have more or less some counterparts in Brazilian slang. So... Okay to start out... [portugues] Ok in English, we would say 'lame' that's a really good way to say it. Lame is like, a lame duck; an animal that is wounded is lame - it can't walk. And that's a very very common piece of slang: lame. A movie is really lame, it's not funny.

Another good one is instead of 'ta ligado' you can say 'Whattup.' Whattup is a contraction of 'what is up?' 'Whattup.' It's sort of hip-hop, sort of that kind of giria, you know, urban kind of slang. It's really really useful.

Another good one is, like my buddy Gui, carioca, always says 'demorou.' And we say, again sort of a hip-hop thing to say is, like 'peace.' 'Peace out' is a really good one to say goodbye. So that's sort of, I guess it's kind of like the counterpart of the Cidade de Deus, you know, 'demorou maluco' kind of thing, like 'see you later.'

Another good one is instead of saying 'com certeza' you can say 'Word!' 'Word' is kind of a strange piece of slang. 'Word.' [Word=palavra] 'Word.' But it means 'right on' it means 'I agree' 'that's correct' 'absolutely.' 'Word.' And, back in the 90's people used to say 'word to your mother' and that's... fica estranho agora, hoje em dia, um pouco estranho.

And the last one I'm going to teach you, this one is awesome, this is great you can't live without this in English these days, especially if you're, you know, kind of speaking normal, younger street-slang, kind of popular American English: 'Sketchy.' Sketchy quer dizer... tipo... 'marginal.' Um cara marginal is sketchy. 'Sketchy;' it's very very good, you definitely want to know this one.

So... anyway, I hope that that gives you some stuff to play with and until next time - I hope to do these as often as I can; sneak away from my desk and come over here into the audio booth and give you guys some video podcasts about English....
Comentário de Roberto Bovolini em 2 outubro 2007 às 21:38
great, tow nessa brother! Já virei freguês doido!


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