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"Hello, my name is ____seu nome aqui____. I live in Brazil and study English in my free time. I would like to be fluent in English someday.

Three days ago I read a good book; it was on a Tuesday. Yesterday was Thursday, so I had to work.

Vacation is approaching and I can't wait to go to the beach!"

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This is the example text
I want learn more the pronution englis, why I need train enough..ok

Acho que recebi Eliezer, obrigado!!!

Hi Chris. Do you receive my test? Tanks a lot.
I just got it, thanks Jose!
Hey, im sending you my video... ill be glad if you could check it and give me some tips, ok?
congratulation and keep up the good work
I don't know how this topic works. I've been trying to watch the videos the other people are doing but i can't. Anyway, congratulations for the site. awesome. But i've gotta say there are some portuguese mistakes in many places in the site. Anyway. I hope i can watch the other people in their videos.

I liked it very much... Specially the video showing the different accents around the world.


Christopher poderia por favor dar uma olhada na minha pronúncia, só tem aúdio porque eu não tenho webcam.

Please, check my pronunciation in audio file, because I don't have webcam.
Muito Obrigado
Thank you so much
I am learning English and I'd like you help me!

Listen to the audio, please.
Hi Christopher,

How are you? I hope that everything´s, I´m new here and I really loved your class. I think that now I can improve my english because it´s terrible for me. Acctually, when I need to repeat something and someone say: "pardon... or.... sorry what did u say?........hehehehe I wanna die when it happens!

Well, good talk to you, and please HELP ME!

See yeah!!
hey cris are got my test? and where´s the lastt lesson?


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