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Idiomatic expressions of the English language


Idiomatic expressions of the English language

Vamos compartilhar expressões da língua inglesa !!!

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Galera, ainda estou montand o GRUPO, mas você já pode compartilhar expressões da língua inglesa !!! Vamos láaa!!!

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Comentário de Tatiana em 6 julho 2009 às 15:15
hi all!! here are some interesting expressions.. i hope it can be useful!!!

*He who laughs last laughs longest! = the person who plays the last joke trick) has the longest laugh!

*to lend a hand= to help

*in hot water= in trouble

*Put your money where your mouth is!= If you believe that what you are saying is true/right, let's bet on it!

*That takes the cake!= That's unbelievable/incredible/ridiculous!

*Not playing with a full deck= crazy

*Put a lid on it!= Be quiet!!!

*TO LOSE YOUR SHIRT= to lose all of or most of your money

*TO LOSE TOUCH= to fail to keep in contact/communication with someone

*Let's get the ball rolling!= Let's start now! (usually said about an important project)

*I HEAR YOU!= I agree with what you are saying!

*YOU BET!= Yes, sure, of course!

*ONCE IN A BLUE MOON= Once in a while, occasionally

*IT'S A DEAL!= Okay, I agree, it will be done!

*TO BET ON THE WRONG HORSE= To make an incorrect guess about the future

*TO BE FULL OF HOT AIR!= When someone talks a lot about something he/she can or will do but in reality, there is no truth in any of what he/she is saying - just hot air!

*MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!=When one person does something, everyone follows and does the same thing!

*TO BLOW ONE'S OWN HORN= when a person boasts about how great he/she is ...!

*BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!= People who have something in common feel comfortable together.

*HIT THE BOOKS= to study, prepare for class

*I can have my cake and eat it too!= I can have EVERYTHING I want in life!

*a poker face= a face with no expression

*to look like a million dollars = to look great, to be very well dressed!
*You have a one track mind! = You always think about the same (one) thing! (we can also say he/she/we/they "has/have a one track mind")

*To have the inside track = To have an advantage because you know certain people or you have special information

*Curiosity killed the cat!= It's not good to be too curious!

*The cat's out of the bag!=The secret is not a secret anymore!

*It's raining cats and dogs!= It's raining hard (a lot)!

*There's no time like the present!= It is best to do it now!

*Time heals all wounds= With time, sadness will pass

*Time out!= Stop, calm down! (usually said in the middle of a discussion or argument)

*A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS! = A friendly way to say "What are you thinking about?"

* What goes around comes around!= if you treat people badly, something bad will happen to you and if you treat people well, something good will happen to you.

*All that glitters isn't gold!= Not everything is as wonderful as it seems (this can refer to material things and also situations)

*You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!= If you do a favor for me, I will do a favor for you!

*ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY! = it might take a long time to achieve something great

*Money talks= Money has power/influence!
Comentário de luiz carlos em 26 agosto 2009 às 10:02
It has been wonderful to take a part of Inglês Verde e Amarelo.
Comentário de luiz carlos em 26 agosto 2009 às 10:05
Day after day it's more interesting to stay with you.
Comentário de Marta Araujo em 27 agosto 2009 às 19:46
very good. It's important
Comentário de Maurício Ribeiro de Arruda em 5 outubro 2009 às 19:30
Hi, I beleive that this group go to be very useful for me. Tank you...
Comentário de luiz carlos em 25 outubro 2009 às 18:39
It'll be if you want it from the botton of your heart.
Comentário de Elias Santos de Carvalho em 17 novembro 2009 às 18:29
hi what's up dude... that group is so cool and interesting.
thank you to create that
Comentário de luiz carlos em 22 novembro 2009 às 10:37
Today is beautiful day. The sun is shining as never.
Comentário de Ronaldo M. Júnior em 29 novembro 2009 às 17:55
Pessoal a expressão "Squeeze up !" = ME POUPE ! ( de algum comentário, situação ).
Comentário de Ana Lúcia Brandão em 2 março 2010 às 19:33
TO BE DOWN IN THE DUMPS = sentir-se deprimido, triste e miserável.
ex.: He´s really been down in the dumps for the last couple of weeks. It´s going to take some time before he gets over his divorce.


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