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Where I'm from:
São Paulo - SP - BRAZIL
Praticse english conversation SKYPE :aftrindade.filho
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Caixa de Recados (8 comentários)

Às 23:30 em 20 setembro 2009, Felipe Sclafani disse...
Alo! I'm writing to help practice English and to learn Portuguese from new people. If you would like to chat in both languages, let me know!

I live in New York, and here the weather is getting colder but it's very sunny and warm enough. I hope you had a great weekend.

I used to be an English teacher in Europe, but now am an interptereter here in the US. What are your hobbies? Were you working this weekend or did you have free time?

Bem, estou muito feliz de conhecer-lhe e de comecer a escrever. Espero fazer-o amiude para aprender mais depressa. Si erro demasiado, deixe-me saber.

Ate logo, Felipe
Às 18:39 em 21 setembro 2009, Andrea Heloisa Tufolo disse...
Hy!! I´m from Angola but I've been in Brazil for a while now.
Às 9:01 em 22 setembro 2009, Felipe Sclafani disse...
It doesn't matter. It takes me much longer in portuguese..
Às 20:02 em 26 setembro 2009, Laila Rocha disse...
I´m fine and you?
Às 20:04 em 26 setembro 2009, Laila Rocha disse...
This site is really very nice and I am sure I´ll practice my English a lot.
Às 22:59 em 26 setembro 2009, maryusa disse...
HI Antonio,

Thank you for your comment on my page. is a post I made asking a question about whether one can hear teh sound in my powerpoint.

Would you like to test the powerpoint to tell me if it plays sound on your computer?

Thanks in advance for considering this request. Sincerely, Mary
Às 12:53 em 29 setembro 2009, Donald Reid disse...
Hi Antonio, good afternoon
I have not really been keeping up with this forum but I am glad to meet you.

Às 22:14 em 30 setembro 2009, maryusa disse...
Oi Antonio, Hi Antonio,

Eu não pude entender o q vc escreveu. I didn't understand what you wrote me. Vc consigiu ouvir meu ppt slide no seu computador? Could you hear my powerpoint? O som do ppt funcionou? Did the sound play?

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