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Edvanio dos Santos
  • 54, Masculino
  • Salvador - Bahia
  • Brasil
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Where I'm from:
Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
I love the English because this language is inportante for me. I am teacher of Portuguese Language and Mathematics for adults, and work also the English with children and young in five schools in Salvador - Bahia - Brazil.
I love nature, animals and music. I play capoeira and caratê. I adore to make intelligent and interesting friendships. At a world globalised to know the English is very important, is essential.
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God, my God. Always, my God, our God!

Blog de Edvanio dos Santos

I love to life!

Postado em 17 abril 2008 às 22:25 11 Comentários

The life is very good!
God is wonderful.
I love the nature and every peoples.
Where is the love?
Here, at me and at you, at your heart.

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Caixa de Recados (256 comentários)

Às 16:23 em 1 maio 2008, Leny disse...
So, how is your 1st May Holiday? Near my place there is a musical show. I can hear they speaking to the people and I can listen to their musica but I don´t know exactly what it is.
Very cute picture. Thanks!
Às 12:56 em 2 maio 2008, Jace Dahen disse...
Hello, Edi!
All good with you?
Have a nice weekend!
Às 13:19 em 2 maio 2008, Telma Silva disse...
Hello Edvanio!! Very beautifull webpage have you!
Thank's for the email.
I love Bahia, my father had a little house in Pradro a long time ago. I have good memories about this time.
Bye, Bye.
Às 18:43 em 2 maio 2008, Luciana disse...
Hello, how are you?; podemos sim sermos amigos. Kisses, so long.
Às 20:55 em 2 maio 2008, william disse...
oi professor sou eu william da escola intregado o saber da 4ª serie
Às 21:38 em 2 maio 2008, aureni disse...
Edvanio, I'm very happy with your invite, I'm from Ma, João Lisboa city, it is next to Imperatriz, the 2nd bigger city in Ma. sorry, I don't know English a lot, but I want to learn. bye
Às 21:59 em 2 maio 2008, Verinha disse...
hello,how are you?
add me
Às 8:49 em 3 maio 2008, sandra spinozzi lyria disse...
Of course we can be friends. Thanks for being nice in your comments. Kiss and have a good weekend!!!
Às 20:25 em 3 maio 2008, Jacqueline da Silva Santos disse...
Às 20:27 em 3 maio 2008, Jacqueline da Silva Santos disse...
Of course you have can be my friend.

Kisses for you and have a good weekend!!!

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