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Joe Watanabe
  • Masculino
  • Berkeley, California
  • Estados Unidos
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Where I'm from:
Photography, drawing, art and design, movies, snowboarding, cycling, being out in nature, rock, rap, Brazilian music, Portuguese, and meeting new people.
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Caixa de Recados (70 comentários)

Às 11:14 em 5 agosto 2008, Henrique disse...
Hey what's up! I'm Henrique from Brazil and I would like you to be part of my networking... so I hope you accept my invitation and hope we can help each other... so let me know if you need something, ok?

see you!
Às 8:15 em 6 agosto 2008, angelo neves disse...
ola tudo bem. vi vc em algum luga do site n lembro onde,
comecei um curso de ingles, gostaria q vc me ajudac. hihih se puder, blz.
falow abraços
Às 22:30 em 6 agosto 2008, Paulo disse...
Hello Joe!

I'd like to improve my english and make new friends.
Às 0:45 em 7 agosto 2008, Filiphe disse...
hello, my name is Filiphe, from Brasil, some of his interests are similar to mine.
I want to meet new people...
and I would like you to be a friend of mine... see ya
Às 2:24 em 7 agosto 2008, Taby disse...
Hi Joe,my name is Tabata.How´s it going?
I´m Brazillian,but I live in Japan for five years,I´m begining to learn English.I hope for your help.
ps:When I saw you,I thought that you was Brazillian or Japanese,but you´re American...Cool!!
Às 8:05 em 7 agosto 2008, Henrique disse...
Hi Joe, how's it going? Thanks for adding me on your networking and thanks for the comments about my pics! So I'll be happy to practice english with you and I hope to help you with your portuguese too.

see you... best regards!
Às 19:51 em 7 agosto 2008, Filiphe disse...
hello there... thanks for accept my invitation... I got your hotmail and I hope that soon we could have a good conversation on MSN... see ya there man
Às 19:03 em 8 agosto 2008, Wandeir Araujo disse...
Hello Joe, my name is Wandeir, and I´m from Brasil, I hope that we can be friends and learn each other. take care, see u!!!!
Às 22:28 em 8 agosto 2008, Diana disse...
Hi !
how are you ? kiss
Às 22:49 em 8 agosto 2008, Seny disse...
Thank you so much for accepting me!!
Currently I'm living in Maryland as Au Pair...and sure that I need help, cuz my english is really poor::::)))
I'm gonna invite you in the orkut, okay!!
Would be great to talk with you by msn too!!
If I wrote something wrong, please, let me know!!!
I red that you're fromCalifornia...I've been in California 3 weeks ago...I loved it!! It is really nice!!
Well, anyway....thank you so much again!!!

Hope you have a great weekend,


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