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Hi!!! welcome to my sp@ce at I.V.A...

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Traveling, reading, making friendships.. I also like to know about cultures, Jesus, Gospel etc...
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Hello guys!

Chapada dos Guimarães - MT.. it's really worth to visit

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Às 19:09 em 7 junho 2008, Edvanio dos Santos disse...

Hi, Jô! I am happy for you be my friend.Thank you, my God for you to exist. We learning together. Let'a go to make friends in the ingles verde e amarelo and to develop our english! Friends??? Forever!!!!!! Kiss for you!!!!
Às 17:51 em 10 junho 2008, David Stephensen disse...
Hi Josiane

Nice to meet you. Where do you live in Brazil? Is the waterfall near your city? What type of work do you do?


* help me with some questions...
Às 9:37 em 22 junho 2008, Mônica Oseliero Mattielo disse...
Good Morning!

Ok!!!! Let's goooooo!!

What do you do????
Do you work, study, play anything???????
I loved this pic of the waterfall.......

Às 20:49 em 23 junho 2008, Kirsten disse...
Hi! Thanks so much for your message, I will add you to my skype and hopefully we can talk soon :) Do you live near the Chapada dos Guimaraes?? I have been there and have almost that exact same picture! We went swimming at the bottom of the waterfalls.
If you have any questions on any English that I wrote or anything else feel free to ask me!
Até mais,
Às 7:27 em 24 junho 2008, Mônica Oseliero Mattielo disse...
I've never gone to Cuiabá. It seems a beautiful place to hang out with friends.. and get hiking...

I'm graduating in Computer, but I hope to get in "Letter" college next year, 'cause I want to be an English and a Portuguese teacher.

Since when do you practice English?
Do you intend to travel abroad? I wish to visit England...

Hang in there... kisses!
Às 11:18 em 26 junho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...

Comments Just dropping by to say hello. Have a Nice day. Regards!
Às 6:41 em 27 junho 2008, Mônica Oseliero Mattielo disse...
Woowwwwwww.. It was a long history...

It's my 4th year in the English...I was 17 when I started to learn English... And every day I try to improve it...

Do you know the webpage?? There are so many English essays about differents subjects.. And there are sentences from native speakers too.

Do you have orkut?
Search me there: Mônica Oseliero Mattielo.

Às 9:23 em 2 julho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello Josiane, How are you? Just saying...

Às 0:43 em 11 julho 2008, MARIO SERGIO disse...
Are you know the Chapada Diamantina?
It's true paradise!

Às 14:55 em 31 outubro 2008, vanduir disse...
hello girl?
add me, i want improve me English...

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