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Ryan Welch
  • Masculino
  • pacifica, california
  • Estados Unidos

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Where I'm from:
surfing, skating, basketball
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Caixa de Recados (90 comentários)

Às 21:13 em 9 outubro 2008, Lara disse...
hey Ryan!!!
well, i'm studying English, i know many things!
so, i can see that you talk fluenty english!
it's so good..if we talk!!
so anyway...tell me!
i have msn!ok
see u!
Às 11:30 em 10 outubro 2008, Lara disse...
i live in Fortaleza, ce!
so, but you need to put your msn: Ex:!)
Às 11:55 em 10 outubro 2008, Cesar Camargos disse...
Hi Ryan,

Floripa is a nice place, we have 42 beach with hot water and girls too.
Look some pictures here:,,OI66552-EI176-FI772345,00.html
Às 21:54 em 12 outubro 2008, Lara disse...
ok, i understand!!!
i did a AIM, but isn't!
but i going to make this! ok!!!
fortaleza this a beautiful placee! yeahh!
surffff oh very good!
beautiful beaches!!!
hey, but my e-mail is!
Às 22:11 em 12 outubro 2008, Lara disse...
i'm with AIM! ok!
tell me your e-mail!
Às 22:47 em 13 outubro 2008, Lara disse...
i added you in my AIM!!!
i hope u there!
Às 19:45 em 7 novembro 2008, Maxuel Antonio Taffner disse...
Hello Ryan, I'm from Vila Velha (Espírito Santo)

let's exchange some knowlege
skype m4xuel

see ya
Às 22:26 em 8 novembro 2008, Anderson Siqueira Perillo disse...
Hello, Ryan !

I would like of to be your friend to learn of the enghish

Help me ?

Thank you

Best regards

anderson Siqueira Perillo
Às 3:53 em 10 novembro 2008, Marcelo disse...
Hey... How are you?!
Às 5:18 em 10 novembro 2008, Marcelo disse...
Hey! Thanks for answering me! So are you learning Portuguese, uh?! It's really interesting and also unusual, I'd say. People usually prefer learning other languages, like German, French, Italian and so on... I must confess that, as a native Portuguese speaker a fan of it, I like studying it, which means I know how to speak and write it properly (which is not that common and easy, trust me), as well as its grammar points, so if you're interested in, I could help you someway and hence I'd also learn and practice English. It would be a pleasure! Do you have MSN?! I think it would be easier and comfortable if we used it to chat. So... that's it! I wait for your answer! Again, thanks for contacting me! Take good care of yourself! All the best!


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