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Às 13:40 em 2 outubro 2008, Wellington Ramos disse...
Hi.. wellcome...
Às 12:52 em 20 outubro 2008, lenilso disse...
hello, vc do ms, m add...
Às 8:00 em 23 maio 2009, Francis disse...
Dream high, no matter what the other can not see what you see. The dreamer flies high, then it is perfectly understandable that he see things that others do not want to see and reach places that other people do not dream that exist. And sometimes just a lack transpose it to be in a mountain paradise and you are trying and says it will cross the mountain, may be taxed in crazy.
When there's also reaping the fruits of their efforts to those same individuals who are condemned and criticized you admire and say that you always knew it. The funny thing that in time to help climb, no help, but after being at the top will be many people who ask him to throw a rope to help them up too. Stay in peace, with God and this is your victory ... God is with you ...

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