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Às 15:39 em 8 setembro 2008, Thiago Gracino disse...
Hey guy, welcome here. So, I'm glad for you add me, I hope give any knowledge that learn on this long time with my friends. A hug for you guy, see you soon.

Best Regards
Thiago Gracino
Às 19:56 em 8 setembro 2008, Joe Watanabe disse...
It's great to hear that you're in San Francisco Ivanildo! How are you enjoying it so far?
Às 23:18 em 8 setembro 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Jose,

Nice to meet you. Thanks for extending your hands in friendship which I've accepted. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Is your blog page working? I tried to look at your blog, however the link wasn't working. Do take great care. Thanks again for your friendship request.

Às 9:53 em 12 setembro 2008, Jose ivanildo disse...
Hello how are you in theses days. I hope so make more contact with you..I would like know more about you and your culture tell me please
do u have MSN? it"s mine is:
good bye bye
Ivan ssf
Às 14:14 em 12 setembro 2008, Adriano Silva Mendes disse...
I live in Barretos, i don´t understand ingles, i like read write listen and talk, but i study has recently, I need help, my ingles is bad.
I`m administrador of the company, but now I'm unemployed, to write here I need sametime de traductor but I have goodwill in learn.
Well nice too meet you
Às 16:39 em 12 setembro 2008, Adriano Silva Mendes disse...
Thank you boy
This site have samething in special?
Eu acessei o site sim!
bom pelo menos se quiser fica tudo em inglês
valeu meu caro
o meu msn é
Às 18:50 em 12 setembro 2008, Joe Watanabe disse...
Hi Ivanilodo! I sure will add you on msn! You can tell me a little bit about what you're doing in San Francisco!
Às 14:07 em 14 setembro 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Ivanildo,

Thanks for your message. Many apologies for not being able to reply until today. How are you? So you reside in CA? That's great! How do you like San Francisco? I've heard it's a splendid city. Indeed, I"m here in NYC (quite a distance from where you're located :-).
I'll be here until the middle of October. I'll then leave for Stockholm, Sweden where I also reside (then return to the US a few months after).
Regarding your English,, I'm sure it's a lot better than you think; writing in English is often more difficult than speaking. I'll be happy to help you with English.

Thanks again for your take great care.

PS. I really liked your blog.

Às 8:36 em 19 outubro 2008, Miss Mari disse...
Hello IvanildO, How are you??
Can you acc me??

I'm form SP... Nice to meet you!

Às 17:15 em 19 outubro 2008, Miss Mari disse...
Ohh Don't worry... You can help me with a letter.... I thing that is has expressions "idiomáticas"....... Gosh... We bad know us..and I 'm asking some things....

Huges...... Thanks!!

What are you doing now??
Às 10:13 em 22 outubro 2008, Leonardo Matos disse...
Hei, How's it gonig?
Às 13:00 em 22 outubro 2008, Daniel Freire Fonseca disse...
Hi Ivanildo, How are things with you? I´m learning to speak english and I would like chats with you. if you can help me with way to learn speak english. thank you. bye
Às 11:17 em 25 outubro 2008, Diego Henrique Passos Mascarenhas disse...
eai blz?
Às 19:41 em 25 outubro 2008, Diego Henrique Passos Mascarenhas disse...
vlw por ter me acc mais eu ainda tenho muita dificuldade pra entender muitas palavras!!!
Às 6:41 em 12 novembro 2008, Coretta disse...
Hello Ivanildo,

Thanks for your message. I'm doing o.k. Sorry for the delay in correspondence. I've been traveling. I left NYC 2 weeks ago; I'm now back in Sweden again. How are you doing? Have your transition to the San Francisco area been O.K?
You mentioned the English chat, I'll have another one (via skype) in the next 2 weeks (just after the radio show).

Thanks again,,great to hear from you.

Às 18:19 em 12 novembro 2008, Alessandro disse...
Hello?Good miss you...
Às 7:08 em 13 novembro 2008, Thiago disse...
Oi eu sou Thiago moro em Sao Paulo trabalho com as irmãs da Caridade de Myazaki, desenvolvemos projetos sociais para crianças carentes temos agora cerca de 170 crianças e jovens em nosso projetos, voce deve conhecer trabalhos com o Sistema preventivo de Dom Bosco dos Salesianos, quero muito aprender praticamente nao sei quase nada ainda e entrei nesta rede para aprender e estou meio perdido pois nao sei por onde começar se voçe puder eu lhe agradeço
meu msn:
Às 18:13 em 13 novembro 2008, Diogo Carvalho de Souza disse...
Hello Ivanildo! I´m fine thanks. Are you a clergyman? I´m catholic too and i´m a accompanist in my church,So we can coach the English together and also talk a little about our faith,I had a cousin who died that was Franciscan too,so much admiration I have for these,I see you brother!
Às 18:08 em 9 janeiro 2009, Rêgi disse...
hello, how are you?
I'd like to talk with you,mainly about religious life.
may God bless you. take care!
Às 16:07 em 12 janeiro 2009, Naihelen disse...
Hello ! Im very well, tks...How are you?
We can be friends to practice our english
See you

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