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Às 12:26 em 25 junho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello Yan, I'm so great, and you? thank you, the pleasure is all mine. Have a good week.
All the best..
Às 18:49 em 25 junho 2008, gariston ferreira dos santos disse...
Hello, guy! can you add me into your msn?
Às 21:57 em 25 junho 2008, Ναταλια Σαλομε disse...
vou t adicionar
Às 11:09 em 26 junho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...

Comments Just dropping by to say hello. Have a Nice day. Regards!
Às 21:20 em 26 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Hi Yan, It´s more than a pleasure to have you as my friend. Welcome. Join us! And if, I can be of any help, please let me know. By the way, have you already experienced something like I did? I mean, have you lived overseas already? See you and a great night to you
Às 17:40 em 27 junho 2008, AAC disse...

As I said. The pleasure is mine. Please keep in touch. Have a great night and weekend too.

xxx ooo
Às 10:22 em 29 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Hi Yan, good morning...Today is Sunday, day to be with family and as it is the last Junina´s party, me and my family will have a different Sunday lunch. Kind of Cairipra lunch ... lol, have you heard about something like that? Neither do and a great Sunday for you and your closest ones.
Às 11:16 em 30 junho 2008, Claudia disse...
Hello, how are you?
Thanks for your comment. have a nice week. kiss
Às 14:07 em 30 junho 2008, AAC disse...

Yan, the weekend was great. Its been a long time since I remember of laughing so much with my sisters and mom. After lunch we decided to see old pictures from the family and we enjoyed a lot. I love to see old pictures, photos and you? Do you also enjoy it?
Today is Monday, the week is just at its beginning so I hope you have a great week and that we can share many nice things during these days. See You!!! Kisses and Hugs
Às 9:19 em 2 julho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello Yan, How are you? Just saying...

Às 9:09 em 3 julho 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hello Yan

My name is Mirelly and I want to meet friends to practice my English. Can you help me?
Have a good week

Às 19:17 em 8 julho 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hello Yan

How have you been?
Thank you for you have accepted my invitation. I’m happy for having you as my friend. Yan, tell me about yourself. So, I can to know you better, before let me introduce myself. My name is Mirelly, I have 23 years old and I’m married.

Às 9:46 em 11 julho 2008, sergio disse...
Hello Yan
I live in Salto and you spook me about this site in class the english in Wizard - theater Milena
tank you
Às 15:45 em 12 julho 2008, Mirelly disse...

Yan, I started my course one year ago and I have doubts, but it’s normal. I will to be happy if you to correct me because this is very important for my English. My english is basic.

Have a good weekend.

Às 18:25 em 16 julho 2008, AAC disse...
Yan, Hi. It´s great to hear from you. I hope I can help you.

These words (Miss/lose) have many differences in meaning. You need to look at them in a good dictionary to get complete information. If you didn´t get it, please let me know and I will check another possibility.

Let´s see:

If you lose a soccer game, it means you are not on the winning team.

if you miss a soccer game, it means you wanted to attend but you couldn't.

You can easily lose (= place where one cannot find it again) something without missing (= feeling or suffering from the lack of) it.

You can't lose a target (except from your sight, or if you carry it), but you can miss it ...

To lose or to miss? Diferenças (in Portuguese for you to understand better)

To lose or to miss

1. To lose (p. pp. lost):

a. perder ( o que já se tinha) -
oposto de find (achar, encontrar)

b. perder ( ser derrotado) -
oposto de win (vencer)

2. To miss ( p. e pp. missed):

a. perder ( algo que nem se chega a ter: uma aula, um ônibus, um bom filme, uma oportunidade, etc.)

b. errar, não acertar ( a bola, o alvo, etc.) - oposto de
hit (acertar)

c. sentir falta de, ter saudade de (um amigo, a pessoa amada, etc.)

Did you get it? Hope so.

See you
Às 7:31 em 17 julho 2008, Claudia disse...
Hello beauti, how are you! I'am very well... Have a nice day, kiss beauti..see you soon, bye
Às 8:44 em 17 julho 2008, Laecio Andrade disse...
Hello Yan, I'm doing quite well, like to hear from you. Thank you. Have a great day my friend.
See you..
Às 13:57 em 17 julho 2008, Mirelly disse...
Hi Yan,

Sorry, I’m disappeared, because in my town is cold and I’m sleeping a lot … …..
Well, I have doubt in English, but everyday I study, but I feel lack to talk with people. Sometimes I stay insecure but I think that this is normal. The most important is learning. Correct me, please, ok.
Thank for your help.

Às 13:41 em 21 julho 2008, Ναταλια Σαλομε disse...
Às 18:54 em 5 agosto 2008, AAC disse...

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